Agent initiated consumer online enrollment (AICOE®) is an easy and compliant way to help your Medicare Advantage and Part D clients enroll online.

This CMS compliant, online enrollment process is exclusive to Senior Market Sales and has been approved by most major carriers that work with SMS. The process works extremely well for producers who are comfortable using the phone and Internet to sell.

Your clients can electronically sign our super simple eSig Scope of Appointment form online... there is no required phone script and no paper forms to fax, mail, scan or print. Of course, if you and/or your clients prefer, you can email the enrollment application as a PDF.

View a brief but comprehensive instructional video on how to access and use the online enrollment process.

Get started using AICOE® in Lead Advantage Pro®

Lead Advantage Pro is an all-in-one sales management tool with AICOE® (Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment) tool built in.

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