Design Better Retirements

Easy-to-use technology that saves you time, gives clear sightlines to plan shortfalls and integrates multiple solutions for lasting income.

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An all-in-one planning tool that seamlessly combines:

  • Income
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Harvest Patterns
  • Social Security
  • Taxes
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Stress Tests

To create a client "Bl(u)print"

Designed by you.
With your unique imprint.

See It in Action

Did you miss the live broadcast? Watch Now

Did you miss the live broadcast?

Watch Now

The Biggest ‘Big Picture‘ Available

The only planning software to stress-test multiple scenarios — everything from extended-care events to market downturns — and quickly and easily show the impact on a client’s plan.

Income Architect

Base Case

View a summary of your client’s current financial state, concisely displayed so you can begin designing the retirement plan.

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Income Architect

Stress Tests

See how life events and market events impact a client’s retirement plan so you can identify gaps and propose solutions.

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Income Architect

Clarity With Every Click

Apply your proposed solutions to see if they solve deficiencies, click through each stress test to instantly see if they’re effective, and modify your solutions to continuously improve the plan.

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Income Architect


Present your client an easy-to-understand document showing the base case information and your meaningful, actionable recommendations.

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Income Architect


Store financial plans for annual client reviews and documentation of your recommendations to meet the needs of today’s discerning consumer and the new regulatory environment.

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The Journey:
Showing Clients the Way, Not Just Returns

As the abundance of information and advances in technology empower consumers to confidently manage their own financial investments, returns-focused financial professionals must shift to a more relationship-focused practice — one that surprises and educates clients repeatedly throughout important life events. Get the white paper that explains how refining your process will generate ideal clients who understand your value and fuel your business.

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The Journey: Showing Clients the Way, Not Just Returns

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