"We truly appreciate Senior Market Sales’ leadership team and staff from contracting, new business, marketing, compliance, to sales support for all your services. Well-organized, prompt response and problem solving are only a few of the services that separate SMS from the rest of the FMOs we know. SMS raises the bar year-over-year on agent and agency support, training, resources, technology, and innovation. Thank you for believing in us and supporting our initiatives. We would never be where we are today without SMS’ talented team behind supporting us."

Andrei, Agency President

“SMS continues to be on the cutting edge of meeting the demands of the consumers and guiding the advisors that serve them. While other companies are just starting to market the next industry “hot topic,” SMS has already developed the proprietary technology, tested and established proven marketing programs, and formed a dedicated team of experts to support the business.”

Peter, CPA in New Jersey

“SMS provides me the tools and resources to run my agency as efficiently as possible. We have greatly improved our internal procedures since aligning ourselves with SMS. Obviously, functioning more efficiently results in a better bottom line. Their staff members are all very capable, and happy to assist on any matter. I can honestly say that aligning my company with SMS is the best thing I have done for our company in years!”  

Betsy, Agency President

“Senior Market Sales® really understands the retirement planning market. They have simplified the way I run my back office and helped me to become more profitable at the same time. SMS is a true partner that has added great value to my practice.”

Jeremy in Nebraska

“It’s very difficult to find good partners in our industry. Everybody’s out to get their dollars and then they’re done with you; there’s no support on the back-end. But I’ve found that you and your team have really helped us with the paperwork; any issues that have come up you’ve helped address it. It’s really been a great partnership and we’ve found you guys to be very helpful.”

Rocky in California

"After being a captive agent for 15 years, I found it challenging to succeed as an independent agency. I found other brokers were more interested in their bottom line than answering my questions. SMS (has) helped my agency get on the path to success. The team at SMS is knowledgeable, patient and eager to assist with anything from training in new products, certification process, scrubbing the apps or even just giving a pep talk. The lead program has been valuable as well as web site tools. Thank you SMS for supporting me and helping me achieve my goals!"

Christine in Maine

"They have all the companies and do a terrific job. They scrub the applications and if you are missing something they let you know. Very professional and personable as well. When I look at local brokers, I only see people who want to make money from everything you (agents) do. This firm earns their keep and you get terrific contracts, plus renewals. Best firm I have ever worked with. They can do all your LTC, Med supps, Med Advantage and life plans."

April in Idaho

"It has been about a year and a half since we started doing business with Senior Market Sales®. Our sales increased approximately 50% last year. We are well on our way to another great year in 2010 with another 50% increase for us. The products, training, service, and most importantly, all the people on your staff make doing business with Senior Market Sales® an absolute delight."

Gary in California

“I want to tell you what a fine organization you have. I was 50 years old, and I had recently lost my manufacturing business in Detroit. I spent a year in the insurance business, floundering, until I found Senior Market Sales®. I have been in sales for 30 years, and yours is the best organization, by far that I have ever worked with. I don't know how you attract such high-caliber employees. Thanks to your organization I have a new career!”

Larry in Michigan

“The hardest part about choosing an FMO is finding one that you trust. I started with one product with Senior Market Sales® several years ago and now have moved the majority of my business to them. They provide marketing ideas; they don’t just throw product at you.”

Robert in Arizona

“The best thing is Senior Market Sales® offers the top companies with the most competitive products. I have been able to consolidate my business from several FMO’s to a single reliable partner.”

Marc in North Carolina

“I have been in the insurance business for 21 years and have dealt with many FMOs. About four years ago I received an unsolicited call from Wendy at Senior Market Sales® and promptly forgot about the call. Two weeks later she called back and I ended up switching my contract with Aviva to Senior Market Sales®. Soon I began switching other contracts to SMS. Right now I have about 95% of my insurance contracts with SMS.

I have visited SMS's main office twice for seminars and they were both worth the trips. I would strongly recommend Wendy and SMS to anyone in the business who is not 100% satisfied with their present situation.”

Robert in Massachusetts

"I have continually come back to Senior Market Sales® because of the consistent level of professionalism in EVERY contact and the expedience of the delivery of quotes and app kits we need to write business. Stop Looking. SMS is the answer!"

Stuart in Ohio

"I want to express my appreciation to you and the staff at SMS for helping me be successful by providing timely information, assistance and quality company relationships. "

Chuck in Arizona