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20 Places for Insurance Agents to Find New Business

Successful sales professionals understand the need to keep their sales funnel constantly filled with a steady stream of qualified prospects. In fact, only by maximizing the number of prospects flowing into the wide end of that funnel, can agents ensure to maximize the number of closed sales coming from the opposite end. This is especially true for sales professionals in the insurance and financial sales industry.


Agents who wish to keep their sales funnel operating at optimal efficiency need to stop prospecting on the fly, and adopt a system of focused intentionality. This article discusses a webinar resource designed to help agents develop a system of focused intentionality that drives sales. It offers 20 places to find new business. Some of the points discussed in this webinar are no-brainers while others are rather unorthodox. Regardless, using them correctly will increase your chances of sales success.

Watch "20 Places to Find New Business"


1_business1. Business Walk and Talk

This first-mentioned way to find new business is a big one because it involves the ability to connect with high net worth clients. High net worth clients don’t typically respond to traditional marketing efforts. They aren’t as likely to take your phone call. They are more likely to toss your letter, postcard or brochure in the trash. They are more apt to delete your email. This leaves you with essentially one option — meeting them face to face.

Face-to-face interaction with this caliber of client can be intimidating. That’s a good thing because it means not many of your competitors are comfortable with this approach.

There’s a good way to go about making connections with these clients:

  • Set time each week for this task
  • Locate a business park with multiple businesses in a row (avoid retail operations)
  • Visit each business, introduce yourself and if possible meet the owner
  • Leave your card, brochure, etc.
  • Try for an appointment, but if they decline, simply keep in touch (a “no” doesn’t mean they won’t meet with you, it only means they won’t meet with you now)


2. Seminars

Seminars offer a great way to meet with clients and present yourself as an expert. By running these at venues like community clubhouses and public libraries, you can keep your marketing costs to a minimum. Plus, Senior Market Sales® (SMS) has its Client Stream program designed to help your seminars be even more successful.

Consider the following points:

  • Offer seminars on your specialty (Medicare, retirement planning, etc.)
  • Run your seminars at venues such as libraries, community clubhouses, local community colleges, etc.
  • Consider offering both live and virtual (such as Zoom and GoToMeeting) seminar opportunities
  • Don't forget to promote your upcoming seminars on social media


3. Local Meetings and Events

Attend everything you can in the way of public meetings. Introduce yourself. Show interest in the meeting or event. You’ll be amazed as to how many doors this will open. Once you build a rapport, you stand a good chance of being able to schedule an appointment to show the value you bring to the relationship.

Some examples of meetings and events:

  • Office openings
  • New stores
  • Grand openings/re-openings
  • Ribbon-cuttings
  • City council, PTA, school board meetings



4. Names in the News

Keep on top of your various local news sources, and keep your antennae up. Many newsworthy items can open an opportunity to reach out and offer your expertise.


5. Press Releases and Announcements

Keep a sharp eye out for press releases and announcements. Watching social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is a great way to keep on top of such information. Once alerted to this, reach out to the prospect to see if your services would be of benefit to them. In addition to social media, keep Businesswire.com and Prnewswire.com in your favorites. These sources will keep you one step ahead of your competition in reference to local news information.

press release

6. New Executives

Keep your eye out for new hires, promotions and new position announcements by companies in your area. Send a “congratulations” to these individuals. Add these individuals to your outreach program. Call to set up a coffee meeting and always stay in touch with these people so that you’re the first one they think of when they need advisement regarding insurance.



Hopefully, the above-shown 6 of 20 places to find new business have been of value to you. To maximize that value and uncover the remaining 14, please watch this webinar which is being brought to you courtesy of SMS.


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