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Meet With More Clients, Consistently Quote the Right Medicare Solutions

You know the saying: time is money. That statement is especially true in the Medicare insurance sales industry. Agents maximize sales by meeting with as many clients as possible. Agents who streamline their process and present the best quotes are those that see the most success. This article highlights how Senior Market Sales® (SMS) uses streamlined quoting and illustration system Lead Advantage Pro®, to help agents leverage time so that they can make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.

All-Carriers Part D Quoting

Are you tired of going to multiple locations with multiple logins just to get quotes that may or may not be accurate? Lead Advantage Pro will quote every Part D plan on the market, not just those on the Senior Market Sales platform. If you want to be confident that you’re recommending the right Part D plan for your client’s situation, use the all-carriers Part D quoting feature in Lead Advantage Pro. Know that your quotes are accurate and present them with confidence.

Multi-Carrier Quoting

With just one log-in you can quote Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D from dozens of top carriers. So the question is, why are you still spending time going to multiple sources to get quotes? With Lead Advantage Pro’s accurate multi-carrier quoting tool, just input your clients’ information once, and get multi-carrier quotes that are accurate and reliable. With the time you save using Lead Advantage Pro, you’ll be free to meet with more clients and make more sales.

Your Next Step

Through the utilization of these tools and services, agents are freeing up time so that they can meet with more clients and make more sales. With the AEP season just around the corner, now’s the time to get acquainted with Lead Advantage Pro so that you’re ready to use the above-mentioned features when the time comes. Contact an SMS marketing consultant at 1.888.747.3810 in order to get started at no cost.

About SMS

Senior Market Sales supports independent insurance and retirement planning professionals so they can focus on growing their businesses and building meaningful client relationships. SMS handles the smallest of details — from contracting to commissions paid — while providing big-picture perspective and strategies that have helped thousands of producers for nearly four decades reach new levels of success. With everything from proprietary technology and expansive products to expert training and marketing programs, SMS delivers all-in-one-place efficiencies that help insurance and retirement planning professionals leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.

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