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Why Sell Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

If you’re not offering clients Dental, Vision and Hearing (DVH) coverage, it’s time to ask yourself why. Selling DVH dovetails nicely with the Medicare market. Offering it provides a valuable service to your clients as they fill their retirement health needs, it covers expenses that Medicare doesn’t, can be sold separately or with other products, and is a great way to grow – and protect – your business.

Clients Expect It and Medicare Doesn’t Cover It
Routine dental, vision and hearing care enhances a person’s quality of life. It’s something more of today’s retirees expect. But Medicare usually does not provide coverage unless it’s medical in nature. Medicare may cover treatments for eye diseases, diagnostic exams for hearing loss, or emergency dental work, but it doesn’t cover routine care and items.

DVH coverage fills that need by covering preventive care like dental cleanings, procedures, dentures, glasses, contacts or hearing aids. The cost savings become obvious when you look at getting or replacing a hearing aid or getting dental care without coverage. You can save your clients thousands in expenses.

Many recent retirees had DVH coverage from their employers, and it might be something they forget they still need when they retire. Selling can be as simple as a reminder. If your prospect is wearing glasses, contacts or a hearing aid, just start a conversation about maintenance, repairs or replacements.


A Natural Connection With Medicare Solutions
DVH coverage can be offered with or separately from Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans. There are no special enrollment periods, no age requirement, and it doesn’t require underwriting. This makes DVH a great door-opener to new relationships. It’s also easy to add a DVH conversation to every Medicare appointment.

Offering DVH is a proven way for service-minded agents to grow their existing business. It’s the hottest trend in the industry for a reason. Being prepared with solid DVH coverage options can help protect your existing Medicare insurance relationships.

Top Carriers and Great Technology
Ready to get started with DVH? Your SMS Marketing Consultant can help connect you to some of the top names in dental insurance and get you ready to sell. We can provide some sample sales concepts, and introduce you to technology that allows you to sell dental in your sleep.

Call your Marketing Consultant and explore the opportunity with DVH coverage. Call 1.866.909.3237 today.

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