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You Got a New Client, Now What?


Class is in Session!Congratulations! You have a new client. Now you are faced with ensuring that your client continues to entrust you and your team with their insurance needs. Fostering client relationships take time. You must be intentional in furthering your professional relationship with them and take note in what they value the most, so that you can act on it later. Do you have a process built for your clients?

If you do not have a process in place to nurture your client relationships, then they could fail, and you will potentially lose your client and their referrals.

The most important thing early on is getting a sense for who your clients are, what is their current state and what are their goals for the future. It's best to have a consistent questionnaire that can help guide these conversations. These questionnaires go by many names, such as fact finders, planning guides or new client intake forms.

Client QuestionnaireIncorporating a client questionnaire into your onboarding process will not only serve as a guide when advising on solutions, but it also allows you to get personal with your clients. So when the opportunity arises for you to ask about their grandchildren or one of their hobbies, your attention to detail will make a lasting impression.

Here is an example of a planning guide. You can use this one or create your own.

Planning GuideThen, enter the information from the planning guide into your CRM or preferred method for tracking your client interactions. Be as specific as possible. Did your client mention that they are interested in learning more about life insurance? If so, note that! Did your client mention that they want to buy a boat in the near future and sail with their family? Note that too! The more personal understanding of your client and their aspirations the better.

In the beginning of your client relationship, things should be natural. If you are on social media, you should request that they follow your business page. It is one small step to help stay in front of your clients and it makes them feel special that you asked for the follow.

Ready to Learn More?Are you ready to learn more about developing a client onboarding process for your clients? Senior Market Sales (SMS) recently published the “New Client Onboarding Playbook” to help agents and advisors build a solid onboarding process for stronger client relationships via a step-by-step process outlined in the playbook.

To learn more about how SMS can help you find, onboard, and retain more clients, give one of our Marketing Consultants a call today at 1.800.786.5566.

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