What Is Lead Advantage®?

It's a Contact Management System — Lead Advantage allows you to manage your contacts by setting tasks, recording call notes and setting dispositions.

It's a Lead Management Tool — When you participate in lead programs sponsored by SMS, your leads will automatically populate in Lead Advantage for quick and easy follow-up.

It's a Quoting Tool — When you're working a lead in Lead Advantage, you can run quotes for Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D all in one system.

It's an Enrollment Tool — Not only can you run quotes in Lead Advantage, but you can also send forms and facilitate enrollments via our exclusive App by Email® technology or via our exclusive Agent-Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment (AICOE®) technology.

It's a Time-Creating Tool — When you use Lead Advantage®, you spend less time per lead, less time per quote and less time per enrollment. All these precious minutes add up to something really great: more time!

Benefits of Creating a Lead Advantage Login

  1. Free access to online enrollment tools made available exclusively to SMS agents
  2. Project a more professional appearance to your clients by sending pre-filled forms and electronic quotes
  3. Become more efficient in lead follow-up
  4. Access quick online quotes that allow you to compare plans in a matter of seconds
  5. Decrease your time spent per sale so you see more clients, close more sales

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