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How to Significantly Increase Dental Production at No Cost to You

What’s one of the main obstacles to successfully selling dental insurance? Many would contend it’s the difficulty in determining which plan is most suitable for a specific client’s needs and budget. Without the ability to show a clear recommendation, clients are often left indecisive and the sale falls through.

Compare Dental Plans Side-By-Side

Plans are hard to compare side by side because there are simply too many variables. What’s the expected cash out of pocket? What’s the total cost in network? What’s the total cost out of network? How do you accurately compare coverage over time? How large is a plan’s network, and is it easy for clients to locate participating dental offices? Also, are the participating offices conveniently located? …And the list goes on and on.

If only there was a way to eliminate the guesswork and show clients which dental plans offer good value for their particular needs and budget. If a dental agent had such a quoting tool, it would be a game changer. The clarity provided would significantly increase dental sales potential, and any agent using it could become more successful.

Introducing QuoteDental.com

Such a tool exists! QuoteDental.com is a first-of-its-kind dental comparison and quoting tool, offering a way to show plans side by side so it can be easily presented to prospects. Agents who use this tool can stop wondering if dental insurance is a good value for their clients because QuoteDental.com compares benefits based on out-of-pocket costs for the level of dental health needed.

What QuoteDental.com can do for you:Dental Quoting Tool

  • Run side-by-side comparisons of all participating dental carriers
  • Show expected cash out of pocket
  • Discover the total cost in or out of network
  • Compare coverage over time
  • Easily locate in-network dentists
  • Enroll clients from the quote results page via an enrollment hyperlink or Personalized Uniform Resource Locator (PURL)
  • Quickly register, run quotes and get analysis
  • Results can be easily converted to pdf format, printed out and given to the client or kept for your records

Let’s face it, selling dental insurance isn’t the most lucrative opportunity when taking them case by case. Profitability is gained through volume, and QuoteDental.com creates the opportunity to attain said volume.

If you start using QuoteDental.com, you have the opportunity to make dental insurance a significant portion of your practice. With it at your disposal, you’ll be better positioned to leverage time, make more money and put your business in a position of distinction.

How do you get QuoteDental.com, and what’s the cost?

QuoteDental.com is available exclusively from Senior Market Sales® (SMS), an insurance marketing organization (IMO) with more than four decades of success in the health insurance industry. With that kind of history, you can have confidence that sales tools developed by them, including QuoteDental.com, hold real value that can translate into real sales.

Unlimited use of QuoteDental.com is offered to SMS-contracted agents at no cost. If you’d like to get contracted and gain complimentary access, do reach out at 1.866.909.3237. A licensed member of SMS’ Med Solutions team would be happy to have a conversation, provide training and get you up and running.

For Licensed Insurance Agent/Advisor Use Only. Not for General Public.

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