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SMS Technology Platform Comparison

SMS Technology Platform Comparison

LTC Planning Process Interview 1

LTC Planning Process 1st Interview Document

LTC Case Development Worksheet

LTC Case Development Worksheet including a Health Conditions and Medications explanation and Medical Screening Questionnaire.

Data Security Resources Cheat Sheet

Data Security Resources Cheat Sheet

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

As clients transition into retirement, they face key decisions regarding the income they’ll pull from retirement accounts and Social Security and where to take money from first. Nationwide's Tax-efficient Retirement Income (TERI) program provides guidance that can help extend a retirement portfolio, lower taxes and improve what’s passed on to heirs.

Taxes Today, Taxes Tomorrow: How to Help Clients Use Tax Advantaged Solutions

This session will focus on the current tax environment today as it relates to personal income taxes and estate taxes. We will also discuss projected tax reform and where taxes may be headed in the future. Most importantly the session will cover how producers can help their clients utilize tax advantages strategies to protect and build wealth.

How to Help Your Clients Have a Safe and Successful Retirement

Join Steven Sommer, from Securian, to learn how to help clients accumulate tax-free income, prepay their retirement taxes and protect their assets against LTC expenses. Also, learn how Securian is uniquely qualified to support your needs with different strategies and products.