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Exploring Medicare's Past, Present and Future

Who better to offer wisdom on the past, present and future of Medicare than the owner and CEO of SMS himself, Milton M. Kleinberg?

SEC Study Calls for Uniform Fiduciary Standard

The SEC's long-awaited study on fiduciary standards calls for adoption of a uniform fiduciary standard of care for broker-dealers and investment advisors.

3 Questions to Consider When Selling a Guaranteed Death Benefit Plan

When determining which product best suits your clients who are looking for guaranteed death benefit coverage, consider these 3 questions.

Preventing Policy Lapses in IULs

A main concern about using life insurance to show a tremendous potential tax-free income stream is the possibility of policy lapse causing an income tax event.

Travel Coverage Misconceptions

Many travelers are under the misconception that they don't need travel insurance and that their credit cards or medical insurance will cover them.

New Annexus Product Compliant With Florida S 2176

Annexus and Aviva have reacted quickly to FL S 2176, releasing two new products specifically for Florida that are compliant with the new law.

Growing Need for Dental Insurance Among Seniors

Lack of Medicare dental coverage, a growing senior population, and dental care-related medical concerns are increasing the demand for Senior Dental insurance.

Lead Nurturing Tips for Insurance Agents

What do you do when someone isn’t ready to buy right now?

Index Universal Life Certification Exam

Learn the steps you need to follow to take North American's Index Universal Life Certification Exam.

Retirees Experiencing a Different Kind of Liquidity Crisis

The economic crisis of 2008 sparked a flight to safety among investors, especially retirees. But a study indicates that some went too far.

The Betty James Travel Insurance Strategy

What is the Betty James Travel Insurance Strategy? It's a way to get economical, high-limits, overseas medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Fixed Indexed Annuities: It Was Never About the Rates

The success of the BPASelect and the BAA (or any other quality Fixed Indexed Annuity) has never been about rates.

How to Switch Your Clients From MA Plans to Med Supps During the Annual Disenrollment Period

The following information will help you assist MA members with the transition from MA to Med Supp from January 1st to February 14th when the ADP ends.

10 Reasons Your Insurance Practice Needs a Web Site

Even if you do nothing else online, as a business-owner, you have to have a website. People expect a legitimate, successful business to have a website.

New York Regulation 194 Requires Agents to Disclose Compensation

Effective Jan. 1, 2011, New York Regulation 194—“Producer Compensation Transparency”—requires insurance agents to disclose compensation details to clients.