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Implementing a Medicare Lead Conversion Process That Works

Increase Medicare sales by fine-tuning your lead conversion process. Andrew Riis, Co-Founder of RA Marketing shows you how. This webinar presentation will demonstrate how to convert ideal prospects into qualified appointments using effective Facebook and landing page implementation.  

Portal Instructions – Compliance Certification

Portal Instructions – Compliance Certification

Sean Pekarsky

Sean has moved up the ladder quickly since joining SMS in 2008.

Sakessa Moss

As a New Business Coordinator, Sakessa oversees the New Business – Med Solutions team, which processes Medicare Supplement, MA, and PDP applications. Her team is a huge asset for agents and SMS because they are the connecting points between agents and carriers.


Stay on top of the ever-evolving regulatory environment and avoiding the severe consequences of a data breach with these helpful tips and resources about cybersecurity. Login to SMS and download the New York Agent Guide to Cybersecurity here.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

As clients transition into retirement, they face key decisions regarding the income they’ll pull from retirement accounts and Social Security and where to take money from first. Nationwide's Tax-efficient Retirement Income (TERI) program provides guidance that can help extend a retirement portfolio, lower taxes and improve what’s passed on to heirs.

Bill Jetter

As Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, Bill Jetter, assists in guiding strategic direction and in growing new distribution channels for Senior Market Sales.

Technology to Help You Succeed During AEP

Join Sean Pekarsky to learn about the technology that will help you being successful during AEP. Learn the top features agents use in Lead Advantage Pro; the next evolution in sales management tools. Also gain an overview of 2022 Medicare Insurance Direct sites.

How to Prepare and Get in Front of More People for AEP

With baby boomers entering Medicare eligibility, the demand for experts in this field has increased. Join Sean Pekarsky and Craig Taylor, to learn about AEP Central, retail opportunities and Client Stream. Also, gain an overview of Economic Innovation Group (EIG) and direct mail through United States Postal Service.

Partial Roth Conversion: The Road to Tax-Free Income

Tax brackets are at historical lows and the federal deficit continues to grow … where will taxes be in the future? Learn how to have the discussion with clients about tax efficiency and if it makes sense for them to consider Roth conversions. Roths grow tax-free, with no RMDs, and distributions are also tax-free. Hear about product solutions that allow partial Roth conversions.

Telehealth Services

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) offers a telehealth solution so you can connect clients to health care in the comfort of their own homes. Learn More

Why SMS as a Medicare Partner

In the New to Medicare webinar series, we covered quite a bit about Medicare and how to best help clients navigate this topic. Hopefully, you’ve found this information helpful. SMS would love to be your resource and partner for the Medicare markets.