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Learn the Key to Completing Medicare Enrollments in Any Client Situation

Open this technology door and watch Medicare enrollments pour in. Complimentary technology from Senior Market Sales® makes this possible. Whether appointments are in person, over the phone, online or even via text, this technology works.

Discover Complimentary Technology That Maximizes Your 2023 Medicare Sales Potential

Blow away last year’s Medicare production numbers by using enrollment technology from Senior Market Sales®. These tools allow you to enroll Medicare clients online, via text, over the phone and in person. This live webinar will detail benefits, and show how you can gain access for FREE! Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Register today!

Mark Reineke

Mark assists consumers by helping them to protect their investments, providing emergency medical insurance, and protecting their belongings during travel, all while finding the best price.

Jim Summers

As President of Senior Market Sales®, Jim Summers is responsible for guiding the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations. Since joining the company in 2000, Senior Market Sales® has been one of the fastest-growing marketing organizations in the industry, now with more than 30,000 independent agents under contract.

Laura Harral

As an internal marketing consultant for the Life Department, Laura helps agents stay up-to-date on the most competitive products that will give them the edge to grow their book of business.

Shannon Collins

As a part of the Case Management department, Shannon helps manage Annuity, Life, and Long-Term Care cases. She follows applications from underwriting through delivery and placement of policies.

Steve Rohrig

Steve has been involved in the insurance industry for 25 years, getting his insurance license in the early 1990s while he worked for a local Omaha bank. Now, Steve is the Associate Director of Training in the Financial Planning Division of Senior Market Sales®.

Dental Insurance

SMS agents have successfully sold dental insurance after Med Supp appointments, and used dental insurance sales to open the door to sell additional products.

Mykin Leischner

Mykin has been with SMS for over 15 years and manages one of the larger teams in administration, Contracting.

Brent Bench

As Director of Marketing and Strategy Development, Brent Bench works in guiding strategic direction and in growing new distribution through acquisitions for Senior Market Sales.

Quebec 2016

Cigna's incentive trip to Quebec, June 9–13, 2016, for production February 1, 2015, through February 29, 2016.

Bruce Zimmerman

You'll never hear Bruce call his job boring. The annuity case manager relishes the challenges that make each day different: "Different agents to help, different carriers to work with, different transfers to follow up on, different issues, both good and bad, to deal with."