iPads Gaining Popularity Among Insurance Agents

  • Originally published June 3, 2011 , last updated April 27, 2018
iPads Gaining Popularity Among Insurance Agents

Ever stand behind a client and lean over their shoulder to show them something on their computer? Ever sat shoulder-to-shoulder with a client so you can look at a quote or a document on your laptop together? Kind of awkward, isn’t it?

Insurance agents are actually among the biggest adopters of the iPad for business use, because these tablet devices help avoid such awkward moments and for numerous other reasons:

  • They are smaller and lighter than a regular laptop, making them more portable
  • No barrier between you and your client
  • It can be a GPS device
  • Custom insurance apps like the Annexus Income Calculator
  • Access to all your materials and data anywhere
  • Longer battery life (10 hours) than the typical laptop

It seems like a small thing, but the power of the iPad for insurance agents is simply the ability to place it on the table and slide it in front of them and you can still help them navigate from where you’re sitting (as long as you can still see and touch the screen). It places no barriers between you and your client and doesn’t require you to huddle around a computer screen.

Top Four iPad Apps for Insurance Agents

  1. Annexus Income Advantage Calculator — Run beautiful illustrations that show exactly how much annuity your client needs to buy to achieve their income goals in retirement.
  2. Stats of the Union — Demographic information for every county in the U.S. at the touch of a finger. Find out information like number of residents over age 65, common risk factors, life expectancy, insured residents under 65, and even number of residents on Medicare or Medicaid!
  3. Dropbox — Allows you to access all the files saved on your home computer using your iPad.
  4. Dragon Dictation — Turns talk into type. Simply speak and instantly see it turned into text (up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard). Great for emails or texts or client interviews.

Others — John Hancock has also developed an app that agents can use to run illustrations. Aetna and Humana have both developed consumer-facing apps.