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Time-Saving Functionality Separates SMS’ Tech Platform From Others

If you’ve been selling Medicare insurance solutions for any length of time, you know that efficiency is key to success. You’ve got to be able to help clients faster than your competition, and you must have the ability to meet with them no matter how they prefer to meet – whether in person, over the phone, online or even via text. Plus, you’ve got to do it all at the lowest cost possible in order to maximize your profitability.

Senior Market Sales® (SMS), in alignment with its Call, Click, Mail or Meet® strategy, offers a top-notch solution through Lead Advantage Pro®. This is an all-in-one Medicare enrollment tool, exclusive to SMS agents, that allows you to complete enrollments no matter how clients wish to meet. And now, due to a number of enhancements, Lead Advantage Pro has become even more efficient at helping agents close more sales. Plus, it does it all at no cost to you.

With Lead Advantage Pro you can:Medicare Electronic Application

  • Quickly send and receive applications by email
  • Save time with an electronic application option
  • Stay compliant while enrolling Medicare Advantage and Part D clients online
  • Provide an option to easily record and archive calls for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) compliance1, 2
  • Enroll and manage leads through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Get accurate pharmacy, provider and prescription drug list information

And now, due to significant enhancements, Lead Advantage Pro is even more powerful than before in letting you take prospects from lead to enrollment in one place.

Lead Advantage Pro’s latest enhancements:Stay compliant with your CMS disclaimer

  • CMS Disclaimer
    CMS now requires agents to include in all communications, the number of carriers and the number of plans offered in any given area. This new feature in Lead Advantage Pro allows for the automatic providing of this information for all plans and carriers you have through SMS. Plus, you even have the ability to add carriers and plans not through SMS.
What’s the benefit to you? You can rest assured that you’re compliant in regards to this requirement.
  • Client Self-Service Portal
    With the new Client Self-Service Portal, you can mass email your clients and invite them to update their prescription, pharmacy, contact and provider data in Lead Advantage Pro.
What’s the benefit to you? This process eliminates back and forth and time spent doing data entry. Depending on the size of your book of business, this could save you countless hours that could be better spent meeting with clients.
  • Search and Add All Available Plans
    You can now capture and track a client’s current plan in Lead Advantage Pro, even if it’s not one available through SMS.

What’s the benefit to you? By knowing which plan a client has, you can more easily and accurately review said plan with them and determine if disruptions mean another plan may fit better for that particular client

  • Multi-Client Rx Report
    Some common insulin drugs are being taken off formularies for major carriers, requiring affected clients to pay the shortfall unless they switch plans or insulin drugs. This report compiles in minutes and identifies which of your clients are impacted so that you can help them evaluate their options.

What’s the benefit to you? By being able to identify which of your clients are affected by these formulary changes, you can recommend cost-saving options.

  • Voice Scope of Appointment3
    There’s no need to have the client physically sign a Scope of Appointment form. Now, the form can be signed by voice permission.

What’s the benefit to you? Gone are the days of waiting for the client to sign the form. This quick, easy process saves you time and expedites the appointment-setting process.

  • Voice Signature Enrollment
    Enroll clients without the need for a paper signature.

What’s the benefit to you? Enroll more clients in less time by allowing them to enroll via this avenue. It’s easier on you. It’s simpler for the client. It’s a win/win for all involved.

  • HRA Tool
    Lead Advantage Pro has partnered with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Advantage plus Part D carriers to streamline health risk assessment (HRA) submissions.

What’s the benefit to you? Now, you can complete HRAs at a later time, at your convenience.

Maximize Your Profitability by Getting Lead Advantage Pro for No-Cost

Agents contracted with SMS gain complimentary, unlimited use of Lead Advantage Pro. Request a demonstration of this dynamic tool today. SMS even provides comprehensive training so that you’re proficient with this tool and ready to maximize its usefulness.

SMS Wants to Partner With You

In addition to Lead Advantage Pro, SMS specializes in unique ways to help agents succeed in the health and wealth markets. Are you interested in learning more about SMS’ exclusive tools and resources? If yes, then the licensed Med Solutions marketing team wants to have a discussion.

Questions? Call SMS today at 1.888.747.3810 to start a conversation.

1No-cost benefit applies to SMS-contracted agents. Additional cost applies if adding the call-recording technology feature.

2Effective September 30, 2023, for coverage beginning January 1, 2024, CMS will no longer require the agent to record all calls, but will still require the recording of sales, marketing and enrollment calls with members.

3Contact an SMS Med Solutions marketing consultant at 1.888.747.3810 for details and stipulations regarding this feature.

For Licensed Insurance Agent/Advisor Use Only. Not for General Public.

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