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Medico Hospital Indemnity

Learn why Hospital Indemnity Insurance is a great product for MA and High Deductible Plan F clients.

Medico Short Term Recovery Care

Learn more about Medico Insurance Company's Short Term Recovery Care Insurance policy.

Medico's MyEnroller

Watch how easy it is to write an app using Medico's multi-product electronic application platform.


Easing the Pain of Paperwork - Comparison Worksheet

Are you unsure of how to fill out a product comparison worksheet, or do you find it confusing?

Nationwide YourLife CareMatters®

Senior Market Sales® is excited to introduce Nationwide YourLife CareMatters®, a product designed to help clients feel more comfortable purchasing LTC coverage.

Social Security Planning - Is It Worth Your Time?

Are you helping your clients plan when it comes to their Social Security?

Six Key Words to Use in Every Social Security Planning Meeting

Are you frustrated with figuring out how to incorporate Social Security planning into your presentation? Are you disappointed after every Social Security presentation, thinking there must be an easier way?