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10 Powerful Tips to Success with Mutual of Omaha

Are you new to Mutual of Omaha or feel like you’re not taking full advantage of everything this A+ rated carrier offers? Watch this video to learn 10 powerful tips to success with Mutual of Omaha.

3 Scenarios Showing Juvenile Life Insurance Sales

North American has great permanent protection plans for juveniles, from low cost, low face amount, to strong cash value accumulation.

Medico Launches New Traditional Dental Plan

Effective July 1, 2016, Medico® has launched a Traditional Dental Plan to complement its popular Dental, Vision, Hearing (DVH) combo plan. 

Mitigating the Four Major Risks of Sustainable Inflation-Adjusted Retirement Income

Dr. Pfau and Rex Voegtlin conclude in their new white paper that a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds (using the 4% rule) has a high probability of failure.

Social Security Planning — The Emerging Cornerstone of Financial Practices

Stay ahead of increased demand for Social Security advice by learning more about baby boomers.

Bridging the Income Gap

Our guide to retirement income planning shows you how to set up an income plan to help your clients avoid miscalculations that can lead to financial disaster.

Defusing the Tax Time-Bomb

It's estimated that the Baby Boomers will pass more than $40 trillion in accumulated assets to their heirs by the year 2052. Learn how to help them.

Linking Long-Term Care

Learn about the disappearing line between life, annuity and long-term care insurance productions.

The LTC Planning Kit

The LTC Planning Kit is a road map for your LTC business. Learn how to establish a plan of care, overcome common objections and more.

The Road to Securing Your Future

Be prepared for long-term questions when they come. Get the answers to 10 questions your prospects should be asking about long-term care.

Recession-Proof Your Business

We show you how to think like a marketer and develop strategies and systems to make your marketing efforts more consistent, more efficient and more effective.

Altered State — Health Care Reform and the Medicare Market

Learn more about how health care reform will affect all Medicare plans and the agents who sell them.

LTCi Shopping Guide

Our LTCi Shopping Guide breaks down the four major types of long-term care insurance and offers case studies, sales and marketing techniques, and more.

The New Foundation of Retirement Planning

This white paper examines how demand for help with social insurance presents risks and opportunities for professionals who help Americans plan for retirement.

Conquering the Challenges of Selling Long-Term Care Insurance

In this white paper, we’ll help you see why the challenge of selling long-term care insurance is worth conquering and how to overcome the common obstacles.