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Medicare Answers: Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement

This week’s question deals with Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Answers: Medicare Supplement Lifetime Maximum?

This week’s question deals with lifetime maximums as it relates to Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Answers: Part B Enrollment Rights

This week’s question deals with Part B rights and when you can sign up after the initial enrollment period.

Medicare Answers: Pre-existing Conditions and Guaranteed Issue for Medicare Supplement

This week's Medicare Answers clarifies Med Supp's treatment of pre-existing conditions and what happens to your clients'' plan when move to a different state.

New Medicare Supplement Carrier: Omaha Insurance Company

Senior Market Sales is proud to introduce its newest Medicare Supplement carrier: Omaha Insurance Company.

Medicare Answers: Benefit Periods Clarified; Limits on Physical Therapy

This week's Medicare Answers clarifies Medicare's treatment of the 60-day benefit period and limits on coverage for physical therapy.

Medicare Answers: Home Care Visits and Medicare

This week’s question deals with Home Health Care. A concerned agent asked, “How many home care visits will Medicare pay for a disabled 65 year old?”

Sales Tip #6: Know the Difference Between A Prospect & A Lead

Some might think it’s a petty distinction to make, but there is a difference between a prospect and a lead, and it helps for you to know it.

Sales Tip #8: Build a Successful "COI" Referral System

Find out why most agents don’t get more referrals from their "Centers-of-Influence." Learn how to maximize your COIs and get the referral results you deserve.

Sales Tip #22: 4 Questions Insurance Agents Are Asking About LinkedIn

This is a high-level introduction to LinkedIn, who is using it, why you should check it out and how to get started.

What Are You Looking for in a Medicare Supplement Company?

What are you and your clients looking for in a Medicare Supplement company?

20 Tips to Maximize Your Book of Business

SMS has listed 20 ideas to help you not only increase client retention, but also cross-sell and up-sell your current clients and generate more referrals.

An Agent's Guide to Developing a Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan will help you establish exactly who you are, who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to accomplish.

Aetna Buys Genworth's Medicare Supplement Business

Aetna announced earlier this week an agreement to buy Genworth Financial’s Medicare Supplement business, which is underwritten by Continental Life.

Medicare Supplement Consumer Seminar Package

You can never have enough tools to promote your Medicare Supplement business!