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Helping Clients Through the Coronavirus and Market Chaos

Despite all the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus and its impact on the global economy, one thing is crystal clear: now is the time to demonstrate to clients your value as an insurance and financial planning professional.

SMS Insider March 04 2020

In this issue: Stretch Your Clients' Tax Refunds; The New to Medicare Tutorial Series; FireLight: An Annuity Electronic Application Tool; Turn More Leads Into Clients; Senior Market Sales Combines Technology and Superior Support

New To Medicare Tutorial Series

With baby boomers entering Medicare eligibility, the demand for experts in this field has increased. That’s why Senior Market Sales® (SMS) developed the exclusive New to Medicare tutorial series. With knowledge gained through these tutorials, agents can enter the lucrative Medicare markets with confidence, knowledge and viable client solutions.

Annuity e-App

FireLight’s e-App process, engineered with SMS agents in mind, is designed to simplify your work and save you valuable time. With this tool, you’ll avoid the hassles and cost of doing business with paper applications. It’s easy to use and gives you one place to submit all your annuity business, thus eliminating the need to navigate different carrier websites.

How to Sell Life Insurance in the Era of Crowdfunding

At a time when anyone can easily set up a web page to help a family facing unexpected financial needs such as a funeral, crowdfunding is serving as an alternative to life insurance. Learn why this isn’t the best option for clients and how to counter today’s crowdfunding mentality.

SMS Insider February 05 2020

In this issue: How to Sell Life Insurance in the Era of Crowdfunding; Understanding D-SNPs; Open the Client Floodgates With Workshops and Technology; Gain Dental Sales and Clients; Get Paid for Helping Clients Help Themselves

The SECURE Act: Are You Ready?

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act, known as the SECURE Act. This bipartisan bill represents the most sweeping retirement reforms in over a decade and has a variety of provisions that will have an immediate and profound impact on both employer plans and individuals. Many of these changes will take effect on January 1, 2020, and will likely have a wide reaching impact on savers and retirees alike.

3 Reasons to Conduct Educational Workshops

Check out three reasons insurance and financial planning professionals should embrace educational workshops and how Senior Market Sales can help.

Keys to an Effective Policy Review

Keys to an Effective Policy Review

SMS Insider January 08 2020

In this issue: AEP Recap With SMS’ Vice President of Med Solutions; Take Advantage of Technology That Sets Your Business Up for Success; 3 Reasons to Conduct Educational Workshops in 2020; Save the Date for Sales Forum 2020; The Most Sweeping Retirement Reform in Over a Decade

SMS Insider December 11 2019

In this issue: Save Time and Make More Money in 2020; Keep Busy With More Leads; Run More Successful Seminars; Cyber Crime Likely to Increase; Why Santa Uses Travel Insurance Center® 

SMS Insider November 06 2019

In this issue: Lead Advantage Pro Now Quotes All PDP Carriers; The Single Biggest Devastator of a Financial Plan; Cyber Liability Insurance; Using Client Stream for Successful Seminars; Open Doors With Dental 

Stephanie Renning

Stephanie got her start in the insurance industry in 2015 and joined Senior Market Sales in 2019 as a Contracting Coordinator.

Jill Noble

As a Contracting Coordinator, Jill assists in planning, organizing, leading and managing the contracting department. By anticipating the needs of the agent, she builds trust and rapport.

SMS Insider October 02 2019

In this issue: A Solution to's New Plan Finder; Your AEP Preparation Check List; The SMS Powerhouse MA and PDP Carrier Lineup; Simplify Your AEP Season With Lead Advantage Pro®; Reasons to Consider Obtaining Cyber Liability Insurance, FIAs Reach Historic Milestone