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SMS Notes September 27 2017

In this issue: Offer a One-Two Punch with Med Supp and Dental; LCBA Tele-Application process; Life Insurance Awareness Month; New Mutual of Omaha campaign materials

Mutual of Omaha Dental Highlight Sheet

This is a summary of the two Mutual of Omaha dental plans. 

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is expanding its senior health product line with two new dental insurance plans. Your clients can add dental insurance to their Medicare supplement plan, and complete their health care coverage with a name they already know.

SMS Notes September 13 2017

In this issue: AEP is one month away; Discover the Convenience of Tele-Application From LCBA; Life Insurance Awareness Month; Selling Single-Premium Solutions

Dental 2500: A Dental Plan Designed for Seniors

Offering dental insurance is a proven way to grow your businness. Learn about Dental 2500, a dental plan that is uniquely designed for seniors with a group network.

SMS Insider September 06 2017

In this issue: The End of the 48-hour Rule?; Maximize your Medicare business; Life Insurance Awareness Month; Selling single-premium solutions; Exclusive new white paper examines FIA evolution, innovation

Intro to Annuities Download

Explore the possibilities of cross-selling annuities to your existing Medicare clients, using a proven process from leaders in the Medicare and annuity markets. Get started today!

Understanding the 48-Hour Rule

The 2018 Medicare Marketing Guidelines have been published by CMS. We can help you understand changes made to the 48-hour rule, and how they apply to you. 

SMS Notes August 23 2017

In this issue: Discover the Dental Plan Designed for Seniors; Build a successful AEP marketing campaign; A game-changing new index from Athene; Selling single-premium solutions

Maximize Your Medicare Business

The key to success is having a plan. Experts from SMS can show you why it’s important to have a plan going into AEP season, but more importantly, coming out of AEP season.

Social Media Dos and Don'ts

This enrollment season may be the exact right time to leverage social media, to increase your following and potentially generate leads. Here are simple “Dos and Don’ts” to help get you started.

Humana 2018 Certification and Recertification Programs

The Pre & Post AEP webinars are a benefit within the market segment concerning all agents who sell/solicit Humana Medicare plans. Information for best practices, online navigation, compliance, and agent support are the key focus.

Humana 2018 MAPD Re-Certification Follow Up Notice

Humana 2018 MAPD Re-Certification Follow Up Notice

Aetna Medicare First Look - IA, NE, SD

Midlands market: IA, NE, SD

Aetna Medicare First Look - IL, IN, MI, WI

Great Lakes Market: IL, IN, MI, WI