Secondary Travel Medical Insurance

  • Originally published April 21, 2011 , last updated April 28, 2016
Secondary Travel Medical Insurance

The majority of travel insurance packaged plans that include medical benefits are secondary coverage to any other medical insurance that may be available. Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred during a trip will take a little longer as you must first submit the medical expense claim to any other insurance company available. Then wait for the EOB (evidence of benefits) to come back from that company, see what they covered, and then submit the remainder of the medical claim to your travel insurance provider.

This is where most complaints regarding claims not being paid, or taking too long to be paid, come from. The insured person did get a claim form from the travel insurance company, sent them the form along with a copy of the bill, and then waited for the check to show up in the mail. In the meantime, they missed the travel insurance company’s request to first submit the claim to their primary insurance provider. Once the primary provider sends you a statement showing what they covered, then submit the remainder of the bill to the travel insurance provider. Even if a primary insurance provider covered nothing, the travel insurance company still needs to see that in writing.

Our two best-selling travel insurance packaged plans just happen to be Primary Coverage as well. They pay eligible medical claims first, which seems a lot easier to me too.

Travel Guard — Protect Assist (Gold)
and Travelex — Travel Select

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