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Medicare Answers: Medicare Coding for an Annual Wellness Exam

This week’s question deals with Medicare coding for an annual wellness exam.

App by Email Now Available for ACI, CLI and Genworth Med Supps

Agents contracted through SMS to sell Med Supp from Aetna Companies can now send pre-populated apps to the client via our proprietary App by Email process.

Medicare Answers: Available Wellness Benefits Through Medicare

This week’s question deals with wellness benefits available through Medicare.

Medicare Answers: PPACA and Standard Medicare Supplement Plans

This week’s question deals with the PPACA and the effect it has on the purchase of a standard Medicare Supplement plan.

What Changes Are Coming to Medicare?

The CBO projects that Medicare and Medicaid spending will grow from less than five percent of GDP today to nearly double in just the next 10 years.

Medicare Answers: Policy Extension Requirements in a Birthday Rule State

This week’s question deals with policy extension requirements in a birthday rule state.

More Reasons to Use Mutual's e-App

Hundreds of SMS agents have been successful in enrolling their Medicare Supplement cases online using Mutual of Omaha's e-App process.

Medicare Answers: Is the Sequestration Order Affecting Medicare?

This week's Ask Roger answers the question whether the sequestration order is affecting Medicare.

Medicare Answers: VA Health Care with MA Plan as a Backup, Possible or Not?

This week’s question asks whether its possible to use VA health care with MA as a backup.

After Years of Talking the Medicare Talk, Roger Marvel Walks the Medicare Walk

Roger Marvel, Associate Director of Med Supp at SMS, turns 65 today and answers a few questions about what it's like for him to become Medicare eligible.

Medicare Answers: Inpatient vs. Outpatient

This week’s question deals with Medicare rules for inpatients and outpatients.

Medicare Answers: Birthday Rule and Adverse Selection

This week’s question deals with the Birthday Rule and Adverse Selection.

Medicare Answers: Outlook for Medicare Advantage Under Obamacare

Outlook for Medicare Advantage Under Obamacare

Cigna Announces New Medicare Supplement Plans

On February 4, 2013, Cigna will begin sales of its new Medicare Supplement Plans, insured by American Retirement Life Insurance Company.

Med Supp Opportunities During MADP: Rate Sheets Available!

Here are the top rated MedSupp plans broken down by state and carrier compiled for you by SMS Associate Director of Medicare Supplement Roger Marvel.