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Medicare Answers: Changing Medigap Plans and Guarantee Issue Rights

Other than an insured’s initial guaranteed open enrollment period in a Medigap policy, is there any other time when there are no health questions asked to move to another Medigap policy with a different carrier?

Medicare Answers: The Future of Medicare Supplement Insurance in the Wake of the Obama Win

This week's question deals with the future of Medicare Supplement insurance in the wake of the Obama win in the recent election.

Make Magic Happen With Manhattan Life

SMS is proud to announce a new opportunity for Med Supp agents with Manhattan Life Insurance Company, now approved for sale in AL, AZ, IN, MO and OH.

Medicare Answers: Who Pays First, Plan B or Group? Also, the Birthday Rule

This week’s Medicare Answers has two questions. The first deals with who pays first: Part B or a group plan. The second deals with the birthday rule.

Medicare Answers: High Deductible Plan F and Guarantee Issue

This week's Ask Roger has two questions. The first deals with proposing high-deductible Plan F as a supplement and the second, plans that pay full commission for guaranteed issue.

Medicare Answers: When to Use a Scope of Appointment Form

This week's question deals with when to use a Scope of Appointment form.

Medicare Answers: Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue & Medicaid Extra Help

This week's Medicare Answers has two questions, Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue and Medicaid Extra Help.

Medicare Answers: SEP for Client on Disability

This week’s question asks when a client who has been on disability and is now eligible for Medicare can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Answers: Is Obamacare Raising the Part B Premium?

This week's question deals with rumors about changes to Medicare and Med Supp due to the Affordable Care Act, specifically dramatic increases to the Part B premium.

Medicare Supplement Insurance: Myths & Facts

We are hearing everyday from agents asking what is going to happen in 2014.

Medicare Answers: High-Deductible Plan F

This week's Medicare Answers question deals with high-deductible Plan F.

AHIP Survey: 9 in 10 Seniors Satisfied with their Medicare Supplement

Looking to sell a product that is simple, reliable and offers your customers good value for their money?

Medicare Answers: Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement

This week’s question deals with Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Answers: Medicare Supplement Lifetime Maximum?

This week’s question deals with lifetime maximums as it relates to Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement.

Medicare Answers: Part B Enrollment Rights

This week’s question deals with Part B rights and when you can sign up after the initial enrollment period.