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8 Ways to Boost Insurance Sales and Avoid Seasonal Slowdowns

Slow seasons or down time don’t have to result in a sales slump for independent insurance agents and retirement planning professionals. Senior Market Sales gathered eight ways to boost insurance sales and avoid seasonal slowdowns. 

Allstate Health Solutions

They’ve been a valued and reliable partner, providing protection for the unexpected bumps along the road of life. Now, as Allstate Health Solutions, they’re here to help protect your health too.

SMS Insider June 07 2023

In this issue: Get a sneak peek of the new SMS website; 2 Things You Should Do Now for Upcoming AEP Success; Can You Guess the Top Retirement Fear in Latest Survey?; Resources to Help Calm Client Anxiety Now; Add Competitive Contracts to Round Out Your Product Portfolio

Survey Reveals Americans Feel Unprepared for Long-Term Care Costs

A majority of respondents to a survey reported feeling “not prepared” and “somewhat prepared” financially for long-term care. The results show a gaping need for insurance agents and retirement advisors to address planning for long-term care. Senior Market Sales can help. 

United States Fire Insurance Company - Fast Start Incentive

From now through the end of March, earn up to $750 for every five issued apps. The more qualifying applications submitted, the more bonus dollars you can earn!

Allstate Health Solutions - Spring Bonus Incentive

Earn more this spring by selling Medicare Supplement plans from Allstate Health Solutions.

Allstate Health Solutions - Top Producer Conference 2024

Between now and January 15, 2024, earn points for each qualifying issued application. The top 50 agents will receive an invitation to Cabo San Lucas.

2 Things You Should Do Now for Upcoming AEP Success

Are you prepared for the upcoming AEP season? We’re still a bit out, but now’s the time to ensure you have two solutions in place. First, you need a system for maximizing AEP enrollment potential. Secondly, you need a way to comply with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services call-recording regulations. Senior Market Sales® can help with both. 

SMS Insider May 03 2023

In this issue: Wave of Millions Hitting Under-65 Individual Health Insurance Market: How You Can Help; 6 Reasons Why Agents Choose This Lead Platform; 6 Ways to Calm Client Fears Now; Your Complete Medicare Enrollment Tool; Draw More Prospects With Client Stream® Marketing Library

Wave of Millions Hitting Under-65 Individual Health Insurance Market: How Insurance Agents Can Help

The end of Medicaid continuous enrollment and several other events are converging to drive millions of Americans into the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, creating an unprecedented opportunity for insurance agents. Learn about the opportunity.


Aetna Bonus Programs - Med Supp & Ancillary

Submit qualifying applications and earn a bonus. The more qualifying applications submitted and policies issued, the more bonus you earn!

CMS Issues Final 2024 Rule: What You Need to Know

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued the final 2024 rule for Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans on April 5, 2023. The final rule outlines several provisions that will impact Medicare beneficiaries and agents. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what's changing and how it might affect you.

Senior Market Sales Acquires Sizeland Medicare Strategies in Latest Strategic Growth Move

Senior Market Sales® (SMS), one of the industry’s premier insurance marketing organizations (IMOs), has acquired Sizeland Medicare Strategies, a greater Detroit area health and life insurance agency focusing on Medicare plans and licensed in 40 states. 

Mutual of Omaha Enhanced Broker Bonus

Between April 1 and June 30, as a broker in Texas or Illinois, you're now eligible to put even more cash in your pocket every time you make a sale! With this added bonus, you'll earn $100 per issued underwritten policy ON TOP OF the money you'll learn from our existing Broker Bonus program! (Texas & Illinois Only)

Liberty Bankers 2024 Agent Incentive Trip

Between now and December 31, agents who produce final expense or Medicare Supplement can earn credits toward the 2024 incentive trip to the Atelier Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.