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GPM Health & Life - Dental 2500 Individual Insurance

Protecting your smile starts with that semi-annual trek to the dentist. Research shows that good dental health is essential to your overall health. Keep your smile sparkling with GPM dental insurance!

Making the Most of Your Clients' 'Never' Bucket of Money

Low interest savings accounts and CDs don’t provide as much of a legacy for those whom the money is intended. Introducing your client to single-premium life insurance can make the most of those funds and enhance their legacy.

Controversy over Observation Status: What Change Could Mean for Your Clients

Being given the outpatient observation designation during a hospital stay can cost your Medicare clients thousands if they need skilled nursing care afterword. It’s a rapidly growing issue, and legal action is underway to address it.

The Easy Dental Solution from Ameritas and SMS

Senior Market Sales makes it even easier for you to sell online, with your personalized Ameritas dental page.

Plan G Flier

Mutual of Omaha offers you two important ways to lower premiums even further for your clients: the household discount in most states and Plan G. In fact, our Plan G is the lowest premium in most areas.

Mutual of Omaha Household Discount

In most states, Mutual of Omaha offers a Medicare supplement 12% or 7% premium discount for eligible people living together.

Mutual of Omaha EyeMed

Your Mutual of Omaha company* Medicare supplement insurance policy entitles you to valuable savings through EyeMed Vision Care

Mutual of Omaha Hearing Flier

Your Mutual of Omaha company Medicare supplementinsurance policy entitles you to a hearing health discount program from Amplifon Hearing Health Care.

Run with the Best with Senior Market Sales

Top producers expect the best of everything. Discover what separates Senior Market Sales from all the others.

Get Social With SMS

Discuss issues that are important in the senior market, ask questions, and get immediate access to SMS content and insights by following SMS on social media.

Discover Dual Special Need Plans (DSNPs) from UnitedHealthcare

Dual Special Need Plans (DSNPs) from UnitedHealthcare offer comprehensive benefits at reasonable rates.

Instructions for Mobile Term Life Insurance Quotes

Interested in receiving Term Life Insurance quotes on your mobile device? Here are some easy-to-follow instructions to get you up and running.

The Need for Speed: Why First Contact Matters For Internet Leads

Being first to contact an Internet lead will dramatically increase the chances of a conversion. 

Dental Swarm: A Great Technique for Selling More Dental Coverage

Increase revenue in 2017 by employing a proven sales technique from SMS — the “dental swarm.”

New, Improved Search Engine for Senior Market Sales Website

Senior Market Sales produces an incredible amount of useful material. The SMS website is home to more than 1,200 blog posts, videos, articles and reports. And we create more every day.