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Prosperity Life Group

Prosperity Medicare Supplement offers amazing commissions, market-leading rates, competitive pricing, automated underwriting, and digital signature options including security question signature.

2023 Anthem Plan Details - Central Region

2023 Anthem Plan Details for Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa and Louisiana

2023 Anthem Plan Details - East Region

2023 Anthem Plan Details for Virginia, Georgia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Maine and New Jersey

2023 Anthem Plan Details - Florida

2023 Anthem Plan Details for Florida

2023 Anthem Plan Details - West Region

2023 Anthem Plan Details for California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington

Mutual of Omaha - Summer Sizzle Incentive

What could make summer better? How about an gift card to use for fun in the sun? Simply issue the required number of Medicare supplement apps or dental apps from July 1 through Sept. 30 to earn yours.

On Demand: Anthem Medicare Advantage First Look for 2023

This webinar will provide highlights of Anthem’s preliminary plan design in each of the markets, pending CMS approval. Join us for this webinar and stay ahead of your competition as the upcoming AEP is sure to be highly competitive.

SMS Insider July 06 2022

In this issue: Why SMS Is the Best Field Marketing Organization in the Insurance Industry; 6 Tips to Prepare for Annual Election Period Success; Funding the Social Security Program; Highlights from 2022 Sales Forum; Draw More Prospects With Client Stream’s Marketing Library

6 Tips to Prepare for Annual Election Period (AEP) Success

When it comes to AEP, the best agents are those who make the most of each available hour. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) is here to help you boost AEP production opportunities with six tips for saving time, making more money and putting your business in a position of distinction.

Medico - The Heat is On Incentive

Earn more on submitted and approved Hospital Indemnity applications through September 30. The more you sell, the more you'll earn.

Why Senior Market Sales Is the Best Field Marketing Organization in the Insurance Industry

Choosing a field marketing organization (FMO) is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an independent insurance agent or retirement planning advisor. Whether you’re new to the search or already working with Senior Market Sales® (SMS) for parts of your business, here’s why SMS is considered the best FMO in the industry for all of your business.

SMS Insider June 01 2022

In this issue: Gain Exclusive Access to Clients With Trillions of Dollars in Rollover Market; Build a Successful Business in the Medicare Markets; Take Medicare Prospects From Lead to Enrollment in One Place; Introducing Your One-Stop-Shop Lead Acquisition Platform; Why All the Buzz About Roth Conversions Now?