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A 3-Step Sales Process for Long-Term Care Insurance

The following 3-step sales process will help you position LTCi as part of an overall plan to protect both their assets and their family.

LTC Consumer Study Part 2: Why Do People Buy LTC?

In Part 2 of our LTC consumer study, we will look at the different reasons why people purchased LTC according to a study by Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha Announces Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance

Mutual of Omaha has added a new product to their portfolio, Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Death Insurance.

AHIP Survey: 9 in 10 Seniors Satisfied with their Medicare Supplement

Looking to sell a product that is simple, reliable and offers your customers good value for their money?

Medicare Answers: High-Deductible Plan F

This week's Medicare Answers question deals with high-deductible Plan F.

New iPad Mobile Enrollment App From Aetna

Aetna agents will soon be able to enroll clients in MA and PDP plans using a new iPad Mobile Enrollment App.

LTC New Business Checklist

If you want to get paid quickly and without hassle, make sure all these things are in order before taking an app and submitting a new piece of business.

When Corporate Travel Isn't Business as Usual

Unexpected travel problems are encountered by business travelers every day. Who do they call for assistance? And of further concern — who covers the expense?

LTC Consumer Study Part 1: Who Is Buying LTC?

Mutual of Omaha recently conducted a study of their current LTC policyholders.

Interview Using Indexed Annuities With High-Net-Worth Clients

Last week, Wendy Swanson sat down with Rocky Lin, CFA--Managing Director at Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Up, Premiums Down

According to an article by Bloomberg Businessweek, Medicare Advantage enrollments were up a record 10% this year as lower premiums enticed people to sign up.

3 Questions Every New Life Agent Asks

I talk to agents every day who want to sell life insurance, but don’t know how to get started. They all ask the same three basic questions.

Buying an Annuity From Social Security

As your clients reach retirement age, the most important decision they can make is when to elect Social Security.

Have You Talked To Your Clients About Filial Responsibility?

Several states have what is sometimes known as a filial responsibility law, which obliges adult children to pay for their parents’ medical & nursing-home care.

Aetna & Cigna Announce Lifetime Renewals on Medicare Advantage & PDP Policies

Aetna & Cigna recently announced effective immediately, that they will be paying lifetime renewals on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D policies.