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Introducing TransCare® II Long Term Care Insurance From Transamerica

 Senior Market Sales is excited to announce our newest carrier in the long-term care division.

Top 10 Venues for Marketing Special Needs Plans

Looking for ways to boost your Medicare Advantage sales in the “off-season?” You may want to take a look at Dual-Eligibles who qualify for Special Needs Plans.

Medicare Answers: Available Wellness Benefits Through Medicare

This week’s question deals with wellness benefits available through Medicare.

Overseas Medical Emergencies: Ask Your Clients, "Do you have any plans to travel in the next year?"
As an insurance professional your job is to assist your clients by providing insurance products that protect them from potential catastrophic risk.

Why Indexed Life? Why Now?

IULs give the best potential cash value growth with no risk of losing value.

Income Planning for Today, Tomorrow and 30 Years From Now

Here’s a quick run-down of the retirement risks your clients face and how they’ve changed over the years.

Medicare Answers: PPACA and Standard Medicare Supplement Plans

This week’s question deals with the PPACA and the effect it has on the purchase of a standard Medicare Supplement plan.

Windows 8 Tablets: Almost Ready for Prime Time

SMS Chief Technology Officer Hershel Kleinberg gives an in-depth review of Windows 8 tablets to help inform your buying decision.

What Changes Are Coming to Medicare?

The CBO projects that Medicare and Medicaid spending will grow from less than five percent of GDP today to nearly double in just the next 10 years.

Senior Market Sales® President Wins NeAHU Underwriter of the Year Award

SMS’ president, Jim Summers, has been named “Underwriter of the Year” by the Nebraska Association of Health Underwriters.

Medicare Answers: Policy Extension Requirements in a Birthday Rule State

This week’s question deals with policy extension requirements in a birthday rule state.

Latest From CMS on Exchanges: "Agents and Brokers Will Play a Role"

On May 1, 2013, CMS addressed the role of agents and brokers in the health care exchanges.

Indexed GUL Provides the Flexibility for Your Clients' Changing Needs

Indexed Guaranteed Universal Life offers your clients the flexibility and opportunity for cash accumulation.

New Rule Explains How Medicare Will Pay Under ACA

Medicare recently released a 1,424 page rule telling Medicare hospitals what they will get paid in 2014.

Ask Dan: Pre-existing Medical Conditions Waiver

A customer asks: I have pre-existing medical conditions and want coverage for emergency medical and medical evacuation, but not trip cancellation. Can you help?