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Aetna Leads the Way on Provider Collaboration and ACO Development

A hot topic in Medicare is Provider Collaboration—basically, insurance companies & health care providers working together to improve care while lowering costs.

Record-Breaking Year for Indexed Products

Both indexed annuity and indexed life set record sales in 2011.

New Lead Import Tool Now Available

We're excited to announce that you can now import your own leads into Senior Market Sales' proprietary lead management system, Lead Advantage Pro.

Florida Power of Attorney Changes

The state of Florida recently enacted legislation that affects one of the basic estate planning documents — the power of attorney.

Medicare Answers: Part B Enrollment Rights

This week’s question deals with Part B rights and when you can sign up after the initial enrollment period.

Introducing Aviva Life Products
Senior Market Sales would like to introduce the newest addition to our Life Insurance portfolio, Aviva Life.

Breaking Into the Multi-Life Market Part 1: What Businesses To Target

Reaching out to employers and presenting multi-life LTCi for the first time can be daunting. Here's what you need to know before you get started.

New Travel Insurance Banner Ads for Your Website!

Add your favorite Travel Insurance Center banner ad to your website.

New Qualified Money Rules Proposed

The Treasury Department proposed several new regulations to make it easier for middle-class retirees to convert money in their 401(k) into an annuity.

Medicare Answers: Pre-existing Conditions and Guaranteed Issue for Medicare Supplement

This week's Medicare Answers clarifies Med Supp's treatment of pre-existing conditions and what happens to your clients'' plan when move to a different state.

Join the BALIR™ Revolution

March 5, 2012 marked the historic launch of the BalancedAllocation Lifetime Income Rider™ (BALIR™), which represents the next evolution in income riders.

New Medicare Supplement Carrier: Omaha Insurance Company

Senior Market Sales is proud to introduce its newest Medicare Supplement carrier: Omaha Insurance Company.

Medicare Answers: Benefit Periods Clarified; Limits on Physical Therapy

This week's Medicare Answers clarifies Medicare's treatment of the 60-day benefit period and limits on coverage for physical therapy.

Why Is Term-UL Cheaper Than Term?

Why are hybrid term-UL policies consistently cheaper than their traditional term counterparts?

Medicare Answers: Home Care Visits and Medicare

This week’s question deals with Home Health Care. A concerned agent asked, “How many home care visits will Medicare pay for a disabled 65 year old?”