Travel Insurance for Sochi: So Cheap It Sells Itself

  • Originally published February 3, 2014 , last updated December 30, 2015
Travel Insurance for Sochi: So Cheap It Sells Itself

When events like terrorism threaten travel plans, your role as an insurance agent puts you in the easy seat to help your client — and make a sale — even if travel insurance isn’t your bread and butter. The recent government-issued travel warnings in the final weeks before the Feb. 7 kickoff of the Sochi Olympics present a prime example.

Would you believe that one recent caller to the Travel Insurance Center was able to get a half-a-million-dollar policy for a premium of $61.25 (for the policy period of Feb. 5 through the 17)? Travel insurance — even for Sochi — is so cheap that it practically sells itself. Need proof? Just look at the Jan. 22 live chat between that caller and Brandon Hughbanks, a Travel Insurance Center call-center specialist:

10:09 AM [Ksenia] Hey there, I am going to Olympics games in Russia and looking for insurance to cover accidental death including terrorism? What is the best plan for me?
10:10 AM [Brandon] Hello, my name is Brandon, I'll be happy to help you with that.
10:10 AM [Brandon] The best option is the Global Accident Protection 24/7.
10:11 AM [Brandon] Give me one moment and I will provide a link to this plan.
10:11 AM [Ksenia] If I include Medical evac plan, how much is the limit for it?
10:12 AM [Brandon] The max AD&D is $1,000,000 and the evac is $500,000
10:13 AM [Ksenia] ok, thank you very much. I will buy this plan.
10:13 AM [Brandon] Ok sounds great.

Travel Insurance Center’s Global Accident Protection 24/7 accidental death insurance plans flew off the shelves in January. While many of those customers were headed to Russia, other customers were traveling to Canada, Senegal, Croatia, Congo, Madagascar, Egypt, Israel, Nicaragua, Kiribati, Saint Kitts, the Bahamas, Mexico, Columbia, and the United States. Global Accident Protection 24/7 is available to purchase for anyone living anywhere in the world and provides a death benefit for terrorist events.

You can easily add this plan to your portfolios and provide coverage to clients no matter where in the world they may travel, even if it’s someplace where travel alerts warn of terroristic threats. And for those of you already selling travel insurance, making the sale could be as easy as asking your other insurance product clients, “traveling anywhere soon?” Go to to get contracted.

We leave you with our tweet of the month: So she bought tickets for #Sochi so she needs #travel insurance don't she